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Although many customers think that it’s decorative to leave a tree stump after removing the tree, leaving the stump above ground actually means that the tree is still alive. Even without branches and leaves or a trunk above ground, the tree’s root system continues to grow and expand underground. Tree roots are often the cause of pavement cracking and heaving, sewage and storm drain system breakdowns, foundation fractures, basement leaks due to cracked weeping tiles or foundation walls, and so on.

Often a stump that was “removed” some time ago becomes an issue when installing driveways, paving, etc. Removing the stump does not just entail shearing off the trunk. Stump removal requires complete removal of the root collar as well. It is this root collar that will determine the size of the stump to be removed. Root collars are often 2-3 times the diameter of the stump that appears above ground. We recommend removing the root collar to 4-6 inches below ground for lawns and 18 inches below grade for driveways and paving.

Once the stump is removed, Colonial Tree Service will grind the stump into mulch using a large or small grinder depending on the stump size. Customers can choose to keep the mulch or we’ll take it away. Colonial Tree Service will fill the remaining hole with fresh soil.

Once a stump is removed, most tree services will just leave a large, empty place in your yard where the tree once stood. Should you desire, Colonial Tree Service will complete the job right by installing fresh sod over the patch that is left once the stump is gone.

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